CLEANBRITE Cleaners Honeydew is one of the well-known cleaning service providers in the city. Our professional carpet cleaning and stain removal services are sought after for the advanced and eco-friendly solutions and techniques they incorporate.

We also specialize in rug cleaning and upholstery by applying  only gentle to the fabric safe cleaning detergents.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

How does the HONEYDEW carpet cleaning service work?

#1. Make a booking online

Simply click the BOOK ONLINE button on the top right of the page and follow the steps to arrange your service.

#2. Meet the expert

A fully equipped carpet cleaning technician will come to your address on the date and the time you have specified.

#3. Inspection & cleaning

Your carpets and rugs will be closely examined. The technician will determine the best possible cleaning methods for the specific materials your items are made of. Then he will proceed to clean them without even lifting them from the floor.

#4. Enjoy the amazing results

What you get is more than just refreshed carpets. You get improved air quality and therefore better health for you and your family. The items might even look as good as new and this will bring you a better overall feel of your home.

When the carpet cleaners arrive at your place, simply show them the floor coverings that need to be refreshed. The specialist will examine them closely to determine their condition as well as the materials they are made of. This is very important because it will determine what would be the most effective methods for your specific type of carpets and rugs. Here are the main cleaning methods that we implement:

Carpet cleaners Melbourne

Hot water extraction (suitable for mixed and synthetics fibres)

We use a high-end hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine which rinses your carpeting with hot water and a fibre-specific cleaning solution. However, it almost simultaneously extracts the moisture (up to 95%) along with the dissolved grime. It is an effective stain removal method that is able to reach deep between the fibres of the item.

Hot water extraction (or steam cleaning) is suitable for most modern synthetic carpeting, high-traffic flooring, commercial carpets, and items which are particularly soiled and affected from stubborn, deeply settled stains. The drying time needed is between 2 and 4 hours depending on the room temperature.

Pro tip:

You can easily check the quality of your carpeting and rugs by folding the back side of the carpet onto itself, and checking the density of the yarns at the fold. If you can see a lot of the backing through the yarns, then the carpet is low quality.

Rug cleaning

The rug cleaning process depends on the type of rug you have and the fibre. Silk, cotton and synthetic rugs require a standard cleaning procedure, which includes an inspection, an initial washing, agitation using a rotary brush, and then water extraction.

Oriental, Persian, shag and silk rugs may require some additional care, like using a special rug cleaning detergent, or grooming after the whole process is done.

The technicians are fully trained to patch-test and determine the most suitable cleaning solution for your rug cleaning service. They use safe shampoos and detergents, which are not harsh on the fabric. The results are freshened up mats and rugs with rejuvenated colours.

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